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Line 6 Spider V 60 Guitar Amp Combo

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Mit Spider V Firmware 2.02 !
60 Watt Gitarren Combo mit eingebautem Funkempfänger, 78 Amps und 100+ FX Modellen, 23 cab models, Fullrange Lautsprecher, 128 Presets, farbkodierte Bedienelemente, iOS/Android Editor, Playbacks und echte Drummer Loops

Info der neuen Software Vers. 2.0:
All-new Presets deliver a full range of classic and modern sounds, and include vintage amps voiced by renowned tube-amp maker Dan Boul, as well as Artist and Iconic Song presets. Plus, newly optimized default settings on all amp and effect models make it quick and easy for users to craft their own tones.

Classic Speaker Mode routes the processed guitar signal to only the woofer, resulting in a more organic and familiar sound and feel, while the original Full-Range Mode incorporates cabinet and mic modeling and includes the tweeter, for a more “produced” sound. Full-Range Mode is also optimal for acoustic guitar and playing audio.

XLR output volume has been lowered to better accommodate consumer-grade audio interfaces and mixers..
Neustes Sicherheits Firmware Update 2.02 wurde ausgeführt!

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