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Yamaha MGP16X Mischpult

759.00 CHF

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Studio-grade Discrete Class A “D-PRE” Mic Preamps with an Inverted Darlington Circuit
Musical X-pressive EQ based on Yamaha’s famed VCM Technology
Professional 1-knob Compressors with LED Indicators
High-grade Dual Digital Effects Processors: Advanced REV-X and Classic SPX
Stereo Hybrid Channels utilizing a Powerful, Proprietary DSP
Digital Connectivity for iPod/iPhone
MGP Editor for Detailed Control of the Console's DSP settings via iPod/iPhone
Rugged, Impact-resistant, Powder-coated Metal Chassis
Integrated Rack-ears for Easy Rack Mounting
Internal Universal Power Supply for World-wide Use
10 Mikrofon-Eingänge mit 48V Phantomspeisung und HPF pro Kanal
Zusätzliche 2TR-Eingänge für den Anschluss analoger Abspielgeräte oder iPod/iPhone
16 Line-Eingänge (8 Mono und 4 Stereo)
4 GROUP-Busse + Stereo-Bus
2 AUX-Sends + 2 FX-Sends